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Sunday, May 29, 2016

High Park Residences (Year 2016 Week 23)


  1. Thanks Zai.I really apreciate yr posting.They are very clear and photos' angle were right!!Thumb's up!!

  2. Thanks for the photo. The progress of this development is a bit slow. The Vales launched the condo about the same time as High Park Residences. But The vales is already built up to 11 to 15 floors. but high park only hit 2nd floor for 2 to 3 blocks.

  3. Thanks for the photo update!!! Really happy and excited to see the progress every week. The vales commenced construction in oct 2014 if i not mistaken. Launching of the vales was like a few months after they started on the construction. HPR started construction in July 2015 which i noticed it was clearing the huge forest at that time. Overall it took around 6 months to clear the forest. I saw the actual construction for HPR only started in Jan 2016. That could have explained the 'snail' progress so far as compared to other projects nearby. Somehow the recent few months progress looks quite promising to have an early TOP by end 2018. Just my personal opinion.