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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Out for Work - Back in 2 Weeks Time

Hi guys, will be out for work for 2 weeks. Do come back for updates after 3rd May 2015.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Year 2015 Week 16

Contributed by Victor Pan on 14 Apr 2015. Victor Pan used to check out this blog on his flat update. Really thank him for coming forward to share the pictures of Anchorvale Parkview.
Anchorvale Parkview

Taken on 11th April 2015 from 7.46 a.m. to 9.26 a.m

Fernvale Lea
Fernvale Rivergrove 
Fernvale Riverwalk
Rivertrees Residence
Riverbank @ Fernvale
Lush Acres
H2O Residences
The Topiary
Fernvale Lea
Fernvale Road (Parcels A & B) 

Anchorvale Parkview (Year 2015 Week 16)

Victor Pan used to look up this blog for updates of his flat - Anchorvale Cove. He has now move in and staying opposite of Anchorvale Parkview.

Lets thanks Victor Pan for his generosity and willingness to share the updates of Anchorvale Parkview.

Taken 14 Apr 2015

Taken 14 Apr 2015

Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Topiary (Year 2015 Week 16)

H2O Residences (Year 2015 Week 16)

Lush Acres (Year 2015 Week 16)

Rivertrees Residences (Year 2015 Week 16)

RiverBank @ Fernvale (Year 2015 Week 16)

Fernvale Riverwalk (Year 2015 Week 16)

Fernvale Rivergrove (Year 2015 Week 16)

Fernvale Lea (Year 2015 Week 16)