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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Year 2017 Week 21

Thank you everyone for supporting this blog for the past years. I have since move out from Sengkang West a few weeks ago and will no longer be able to provide a prompt weekly update. I cannot promise if existing projects will be updated till the completion as well too.

Nevertheless, this week update taken yesterday on 20/5/2017 and a Happy 11th Anniversary to Sengkang West.


Condos & ECs


Anchorvale Fields (Year 2017 Week 21)

Anchorvale Lane EC (Year 2017 Week 21)

Anchorvale Plains (Year 2017 Week 21)

Sengkang General and Community Hospital (Year 2017 Week 21)

Treasure Crest (Year 2017 Week 21)

Bellewaters (Year 2017 Week 21)

The Vales (Year 2017 Week 21)

High Park Residences (Year 2017 Week 21)

Rivertrees Residences (Year 2017 Week 21)

Fernvale Woods (Year 2017 Week 21)