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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fernvale Riverwalk

View from block 439C Fernvale Court

View from block 441A Fernvale Vista

View from Sengkang West Ave

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Hobby - Collecting Erasers

From today onward, beside posting weekly snapshots of on-going BTOs, Condominium and ECs projects, I will like to share my other hobby on this blog as well.

I have been collecting erasers since the age of 10 in the 80s. During recess (break) time, I will go to the school bookshop to look for any new eraser. As I do not have much pocket money then, I started my collection getting the 10 cents alphabet and flag erasers. The fancier type will cost a little bit more at 30 to 40 cents.

My first alphabet collection. Missing the 'E', 'H', 'N' & 'O'

Since then, I have been collecting erasers on and off. Getting them from the neighboring book stores, departmental stores, online, etc. Recently the bulk of my collection is bought from Taobao, a popular China online shopping website.

I am moving the photo from and under one roof here so that it easier and more efficient to manage.Decide to let my erasers collection remains at afterall.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Condos & ECs (Yr 13 Wk 31)

H2O Residences

La Fiesta

The Luxurie

The Topirary & Greenwich V

Anchorvale & Compassvale BTOs (Yr 13 Wk 31)

Anchorvale Cove

Anchorvale Harvest

Anchorvale Horizon

Anchorvale Isles

Compassvale Ancilla

Compassvale Mast

Fernvale BTOs (Yr 13 Wk 31)

Fernvale Flora

Fernvale Foliage

Fernvale Gardens

Fernvale Lea

Fernvale Ridge

Fernvale Riverbow

Fernvale Rivergrove

Monday, July 22, 2013

The Topiary, Greenwich V, H2O Residences & Lush Acres (Yr 13 Wk 30)

H2O Residences

Lush Acres

The Topiary & Greenwich V

Anchorvale Cove, Anchorvale Horizon & Compassvale Ancilla (Yr 13 Wk 30)

Anchorvale Cove

Anchorvale Horizon

Compassvale Ancilla

Fernvale Rivergrove (Yr 13 Wk 30)

Fernvale Riverbow (Yr 13 Wk 30)