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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Singapore Online Survey

Will you get paid to do surveys online in Singapore?

Yes, but you will not be paid a lot. You need also to do multiples surveys to earn points before you reach your 1st payout. This may takes weeks or months.

I listed down the online survey sites that I personally joined that rewards are received. You can see the frequently that I received the payout from each site and decide for yourself whether it is worth the time and effort to try it out.

If you decided to join and are helpful enough to let me earn some points as well, do send your email to so that I can send you the invites.

For Toluna, I get 500 points for each successful registration.
For MySurvey, I get 100 points for each successful registration.
For AIP, I get 25 points and you get 15 points for each successful registration and after you participate in 1st survey.

Year 2015 / 2016

I am able to redeem on an average $10 NTUC voucher every 2 months from AIP Online Surveys.

Introduce your friends to AIP ONLINE SURVEYS and receive bonus EPoints!!
Refer up to five (5) friends to register with us. After each of your friends has completed registration and participated in their first AIP survey, you and your friend will both receive bonus EPoints! (21 EPoints for you, 15 EPoints for your friend)

Drop me your email in the comment if you are interested.

Year 2014
NoOnline Survey SiteRewardsReceived Date
1Toluna$10 NTUC Voucher1/24/2014
2Toluna$10 NTUC Voucher2/26/2014
3AIP Online Surveys$10 NTUC Voucher1/17/2014
4AIP Online Surveys$10 NTUC Voucher3/12/2014
5YourVoice$30 Watsons Voucher1/2/2014
6My Survey$10 NTUC Voucher2/28/2014
7My Survey$10 NTUC Voucher3/11/2014
8My Mail Moment$5 NTUC Voucher3/4/2014

AIP Online Surveys

My Mail Moment

My Survey


Your Voice

Year 2013
No.Online Survey SiteRewardsReceived Date
1Toluna$10 NTUC Voucher12/20/2013
2MySurvey$10 NTUC Voucher12/30/2013

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Year 2016 Week 14

This week update taken on 26 March 2016 between 9.48 a.m. and 10.10 a.m.

Fernvale Riverwalk
Fernvale Woods

Condos & ECs
RiverBank @ Fernvale
Rivertrees Residences
Lush Acres
The Topiary - more photos added (taken on 27 Mar 2016).
High Park Residences

myFirstSkool 2 Storey Childcare Centre

The Topiary (Year 2016 Week 14)

Fernvale Woods (Year 2016 Week 14)

Saturday, March 26, 2016

High Park Residences (Year 2016 Week 14)

Lush Acres (Year 2016 Week 14)

Rivertrees Residences (Year 2016 Week 14)

Taken on 25 Mar 2016

RiverBank @ Fernvale (Year 2016 Week 14)

Taken on 25 Mar 2016

Fernvale Riverwalk (Year 2016 Week 14)

Taken on 25 Mar 2016