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Monday, June 23, 2014

Year 2014 Week 26


This week update is taken on 22.06.14 between 9.03 am to 9.55 am.

Fernvale Gardens
Fernvale Lea
Fernvale Riverbow
Fernvale Rivergrove
Fernvale Riverwalk

Riverbank @ Fernvale
Rivertrees Residences
Lush Acres
H2O Residences
The Seletar Mall - Added view behind the walls along Sengkang West Ave and Fernvale Road.
The Topiary


Punggol Morning Trip - Added a Punggol Trip on Saturday morning covering several projects - Twin Waterfalls, Matilda Portico, The Verandah@Matilda,Punggol Topaz, Punggol Opal, Waterway Cascadia, Punggol ParcVista, Parc Centros, Prive, Watertown, Waterway Terraces I, Waterway Terraces II, Punggol Edge, Waterway Banks, Waterway Brooks, Waterway Ridges, Waterway Sunbeam, Waterway Sundew, Waterway View and Waterway Woodcress.


Clementi Cascadia
The Trilinq
Clementi Ridges
Clementi Gateway

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